Episode: 54 - Keeping Your Organs Inside Your Body

Keeping Your Organs In Your Body

| Pelvic Floor Health Matters

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Wow almost 1 year! THANK YOU! 

 You know how to show up, so cheers friend! This episode should serve as a PSA about Pelvic Floor Health. I've ran into quite a few people lately that look at me like I spoke a foreign language when talking about PFH. 

I can guarantee there is someone in your life that needs this information.


If you've been through trauma, pregnancies, vaginal birth, or have ever had chronic painful sex, your pelvic floor health is important. 

We aren't shown how to rehabilitate our bodies or vaginas. 

In order to receive pleasure again, pelvic floor therapy can be absolutely essential. 



CLICK HERE for more Pelvic Floor Health resources. 


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