What Do I Do?

I help people find their truths about their sexuality, releasing generational or culture shame around sex.  

I give you permission to explore. 

Not only to speak your desires, but fucking own them. Unchaining yourself from societal standards & start living life by your design & desires.

How Can I Work With You?

I work with clients virtually 1:1, through 6 or 12 week transformative courses & private sex coaching sessions.

My Wish For You:

You deserve respectful relationships, deeply fulfulling love for yourself & a life that turns you on. 

My goal is to help others through the transformation I've found within myself. There is no magic words or course - only a deeply empathic person ready to hold you and help you discover what more you can hold from life. 



I’m so happy you’re here. Not for any reason, other than I know you are reading this and I’ve appeared in your life for a reason.

It might be a passing moment or you might hire me for life. Either way - I want you to know that if you’ve ever felt like you didn’t belong, never had a “place”, or felt you could truly open up and be accepted; if you’ve felt any of this.

I want you to know that you are not broken. 

You do not need to be fixed. 

If you are looking for something to fix you, I hate to say it - but you’ll never find it. 

I’m not here to fix you. 

I’m here to help unchain you, my luv. 

You are so worthy of the great things you have set out for yourself in this life. Shame, our culture and things might have slowed you down. But you're here now. xxo

"You are so creatively gifted and your business sense really shines with all you are doing with your coaching business. You are fierce, brave, and I'm so excited to watch everything you are doing come to fruition!"

- a coaching partner

"Sierra is a force! She radiates all that's possible in your sex, love and relationships. She's incredibly knowledgeable and has a powerful skillset and tool belt she uses to serve her clients. If you want to release shame and embrace all of who you are, work with Sierra!"


- a coaching mentor/instructor


 I came from a place where female bodies were shamed and "gross". I came from a place where sex wasn’t an open topic & abstinence is the only answer, ever.

Most people you talk to will give you the same statement when it comes to their values and where their beliefs about sex came from. 

When I started my first business in the sexual wellness industry - I was 19, and found a company I aligned with. This company supported women’s sexual health, & sold discreet adult items and lingerie to women. I instantly was hooked from empowerment, this random group of females that normalized sex and supported female business owners. I had never felt anything quite empowering.

I quickly rose to a top contributor of the company and remained there for several years, including selling over 6 figures of sex toys in my highest year. This job let me meet and educate dozens of women a month, & hundreds of women a year. I grew a team of like-minded business women and women just wanting to be a part of the bigger picture. 

The sexual health movement. 

The movement where we start talking about sex. Making it fucking normal. Talking about correct anatomy, and factual information about sex, orgasms, communication & relationships.


I powered my way through my twenties, in the background I knew I wanted to expand in this field.

 I felt a deeper tug, but I couldn’t quite figure out what “it” actually was. 

I hated seeing women leave my events hopeful their partner would be open to talking about sex more.

I hated seeing women eat themselves alive with body shaming, fat shaming, & limiting beliefs. 

I got burnt out. I lived for my job and completely forgot to take care of me, while I was taking care of everyone else. Holding space for so many women eventually drained me and left me with nothing else to give.

I naturally hold space for people, being the strong empath I am I have a tendency to pick up feelings that aren’t mine. I didn’t learn this about myself until the more recent years.
So after I had my daughter in 2021, I realized that my life wasn’t really mine anymore. It had been taken over.

I had lost myself.

The best news was, once I made the decision it was mine again, more doors and windows than I ever could’ve imagined opened up. 

After years of searching, I had finally found my purpose.

My calling. 

What I was put on earth to do, put here to share and to never stop fighting for.

Liberating others as I’ve sexually liberated myself. 

Studies show that your sex life has a huge impact on determining your overall quality of life..  

It’s also the biggest part of our lives we suppress & convince ourselves “we don’t actually need it”. 

I had a thought: 

What could I do to help others see the liberation I had found? 

The answers slowly started to align. I found my power and things started falling into place perfectly. I had to grieve the past version of myself, my old habits and my old life along the way. It was a process that brought up my worst pains and my hardest memories.

It was absolutely fucking freeing. 

I finally found a way back to me, and removed the things that no longer served my higher purpose, or my highest self. I started to cultivate my life, like the farmers cultivate their fucking crops. 

Things started piecing together. 


I was inspired to start my podcast. I had a clear vision for what I wanted it to be - a safe place, where people of all places could come and hear raw, unfiltered sex education, a lot of laughs & stories of real life people and influence from a female who’s been in the industry nearly a decade.

A place to be inspired. 

My podcast was to be the face of my core, my heart - my coaching business. 

Officially established in 2022 - Inspired By Sierra has been my branded name since almost 2015, I had finally found what “inspired by sierra” looks like. 


Now, I help people of all ages, genders and identities find themself & discover what living life - liberated looks like. 

Everyone’s version is enchantingly beautiful in its own way. 

Everyone’s version of unchained is perfectly imperfect.

Everyone deserves to feel love on unimaginable frequencies. 

I appreciate your support & want you to know I will always be cheering you on, whether I'm your paid coach or just your go-to girl for sex tips. 

xx Sierra


"Sierra is the most authentic, transparent, big hearted coach that I know of. She doesn't just do things just 100%. It's 150% every freaking time. I love that she calls me on my shit, and doesn't allow me to lie to myself, or pretend that something is better than it is. I appreciate her candidness, and know that the advice she gives me is for my highest good. Sierra also has a rich knowlege of sexual health that I have learned to appreciate as I get to know my own body better. Thank you Sierra for making a change in my life."

Jen R.

"She has such a dynamic personality, and this really helps when you are trying to open up and be vulnerable. She was always very accepting of my feelings I was expressing and helped me try to find a way to work through those. She provides a warm, safe space to be comfortable being you and will always be your biggest cheerleader. If you need that kind of coach in your life, Sierra is the one!"

Lauren G.

"Sierra is sugar, spice and everything that you want in a no-bullshit, but all love coach! Her ability to give it to you raw & real with grace is the best support you could ask for! She's a wealth of knowledge of playful pleasure and the bridge in connecting you to your body, soul, and erotic desires. I adore her deeply and appreciate her ability to always make me laugh and give me space for deep reflection. Thank you for who you are and the permission you give me to do the same.

Ashley G.