Episode: 52 - Seduction Keeps Sexy Going

Seduction Keeps Sexy Going

| Truth Bombs Of Seducing 

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Strong differences in seduction vs sensuality. Back at it again with your biggest sex organ... ya brain!

 Seduction plays a part in turning on your biggest sex organ, this episode talks more on the natural part of the arousal process. 

Being in your masculine and hustle culture, it's easy to forget our feminine, more softer & sensual side. Time flies, we find ourselves disassociated with our bodies and no longer recognize what pleasure is. What's it mean to feel good? Or do things that I like to do?


Truth bombs will be dropped.

Naturally finding your confidence again through connecting with your body


What's needed for our vulva owners - psychological turn on's, physical foreplay and emotional connection with our partners. Pre-gaming activities help to build a safe container to 

When our brains are turned on - that's when the physical process starts. Nipple hardening, erections, tingling/full body sensations. 

What do you do to turn you on? Non sexual or sexual - "turn on" is a natural part of who we are, that tells us what we like. 

Creating a life that turns you on, starts with finding yourself in a body that turns you on. 

Self love isn't conceited. If i don't love me, who else would? Who else would take care of me, better than I can take care of me? anything on top of that is an added bonus.


We find ourselves in disassociation.

female pleasure forward - we do not rely on others to bring us pleasure or take care of us. We claim our rights as the feminine form. 

invite the sexy energy back into your life.

You are always in a position re-claim your power back.




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