Episode: 50 - Orgasms Your Mom Never Told You About

Orgasms Your Mom Never Told You About

| Vulva Pleasure & Embracing Sensuality

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A World Where You Are Invested In Your Own Pleasure


The only world where you will also have a partner who is invested in your pleasure. Ouch. Maybe this will sting a little. This episode is a is a mic drop on embracing your sensuality as a feminine, fully embodied goddess. 

Living a life that turns you on - a life you want to f*ck! 

If you've been riding in passenger seat for too long, maybe this is a sign to take control of your pleasure & orgasms. 

I talk different types of orgasms, including the difference between full body releases, energetic orgasms & different erogenous areas. 


ALL TYPES OF ORGASMS, safety & a basic intro to exploring feminine pleasure. 



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