Episode: 35 - Consciously Kinky

Consciously Kinky 

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The Dark Side, isn't actually always dark!


Crushing the myths on kink yet, AGAIN!

Kink = anything you find pleasurable not related to procreating. 

Kink has held shame and stigmas, NOT ANYMORE!

This episode breaks down, pre-negotiated and pre-consented kinky encounters. How to create safety within sex and bdsm. 

Almost every BDSM scene or encounter will be pre-meditated. 

Consciously becoming aware of creating a safe environment is the only way you will be apart of kinky communities, sex parties, cuddle parties and any other kinky type  play places.

Kinky is truly about making everyone feeling loved and appreciated.


Maybe you've fantasized about tapping more into your kinky side?

THIS EPISODE is a great start!

Educating yourself is the first step to becoming consciously kinky.

- there is always a negotiating and consent room at play parties or kink spaces

- bdsm is not just "leather and crops" you could be a total hot pink BARBIE dominitrix 



CONSCIOUS KINK popularly practiced - 

(requires knowledge or basic background of information to practice)

1. Shibari - the art of rope tying & bondage with ropes 

2. Impact Play - paddles, whips, canes, floggers, crops, or maybe the small skillet from the kitchen 

There are specific places on the body to use each type of toy for impact play. Please do not practice unless you've been instructed on how to perform different types of impact play.

3. Psychological Kink - a type of erotic blueprint, this could be your partners main turn on, this can be practiced to get back in your body, in touch with what feels good 

4. Tantric Sex - merging your sexuality, spirit and your energy // sharing that with others 


5 Tips On How To Practice Conscious Kink

1. Pre- negotiated // All Parties Enthusiastically Consented prior to scenes or play

2. Using a Safe Word System *red, yellow, green = stop, slow down, things are good

3. Fill out the Will, Won't Want list to identify more kinks and learn more about what type of kinks are out there.

4. RACK -  Risk-accepted consensual kink - all parties are informed of any risks involved with whatever specific type of play 

5. Practice Aftercare - space to hold for your partner in the coming down time, following sex, kinky play or any other form of sex!


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