29 Wishes For My 29th Year Of Living

Oct 03, 2023

A year of gratitude & abundance. 

This is the first year I haven’t posted about my birthday. This is the first year I haven’t done a whole month-long special with my adult group and boutique site. 


This birthday is a very different one for me. 

I saw an idea and was inspired to be a little vulnerable. 

Yes, I’m still cringing to share some of these super personal wishes below, but I'm sharing anyways.


My life is shifting into a new chapter and I’ve had a beautiful amount of reflection. 

This is kind of what I do every year for “new years”, but something inspired me to do this for my birthday. 

So here is the 29 wishes I made for my 29th year of life

Show ya girl some luv if you feel it <3 


  1. Find my version of acceptance in all moments
  2. Honor my truths and my heart, even if it’s fucking hard
  3. Have grace on myself above all
  4. Take the time to listen to my intuition 
  5. More weekend travel trips 
  6. Surrender the how and focus on the “what” 
  7. Be open & vulnerable to receiving love 
  8. Shift boundaries to make sure my health is always #1 priority 
  9. Commit to moving my body every day
  10. Get back to my two fave lost hobbies: music & quad skating
  11. Break what needs to be broken to move into the next expansion phase of my life
  12. Spend more time doing things with my daughter 
  13. Love my body in her 29th season of caring me
  14. Expand what relationships can look like 
  15. Adventure is everywhere- fucking embrace it
  16. Put aside the masculine need for control, to open myself to the softer, feminine & sensual side
  17. I am ruthless and persistent in the goals I have set out for myself
  18. Safe in my body, safe in my relationships, safe in my environment
  19. Allow for healing where there is still open wounds
  20. Wear my worthiness and confidence daily 
  21. Stop being so analytical and start feeling in the physical 
  22. Leave the box of bullshit where it belongs, i create my reality, i decide what goes in it
  23. Read like my life depends on it 
  24. Embrace the suck, nothing lasts forever you stupid bitch 
  25. Remember happiness is only a heartbeat away 
  26. I am living in abundance always, there is no reality is where my life is not abundantly blessed 
  28. I will receive new ideas with love and understanding & openness to change my ways of thinking
  29. Align with my truest self, and accept nothing short of what will contribute to it

If you’ve made it this far, bless your heart - whether you’re here for the tea or just want to see my success. Thank you for reading this, I hope it inspires you to push your limits in the next year of life. I hope this encourages you to embrace your raw, authentic self & to be intentional with how you spend your time here on earth. 



PS you know #24 made you laugh a little.

xxo sierra


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