My Grateful Season

Aug 26, 2023

I’m not going into my “off-season”.


I’m going into my grateful season. 


I’m grateful to have been able to work hard for the past 8 years building my wealth, knowledge, skills and helping people along the way. 


For earning my nursing license, working through multiple sexual wellness & health certifications, & my sex coaching certification. 


Being about to work as a nurse and in education, helping others deliver exceptional care and service to people. 


Simultaneously balancing and building multiple 6- figure businesses & helping other women find their entrepreneurship. Working to the top 1% of my company & busting ass to polish my leadership skills. Earning my seat at the F-ing table.


I created, designed, edited, and produced a podcast to support the creator in me & share sex positivity with the world. Helping people release shame and find their truths, just as I have found mine. 


For never giving up. Even on my hardest days, I survived. . 


Building and launching my coaching business the same year as my podcast, Crafting every detail, going over all marketing angles and being a sole editor & producer. 


Becoming a mom to a darling little girl. I learned how to be firm in my decisions, setting boundaries, and loving myself above all. Doing inner healing work from my wounds, trauma and pain, so that she is met with a true divine mother-daughter bond, she is confident in herself and knows her worth. 


Doing the healing so that she doesn’t face the wounds I endured.


I’m grateful.


I’m in my grateful season.


Where I can take time to intentionally wake up every day & show appreciation. For what my body and mind has created. To not focus on what next or what big project I’m building. 

Reminding my body and myself that we have worked hard.

Climbing a mountain requires refuels & being fed so you can come back- finishing the hike stronger than ever. 


We have to take time to appreciate the journey and even what we define as “obstacles”. These obstacles have another side. These growing pains led to a newer version of yourself.

Because everything we think is “bad”, also brings us GOOD. 

There are always 2 sides to a coin. Whatever side you want to focus on, is entirely up to you.


I am strong

I am so capable

The life I have created is so abundant

I am so loved

I am entering a powerful new chapter of my life. 

My blessings are multiplying.

It’s time to show myself love for how hard I’ve worked & to celebrate the mass amounts of success I’ve had in my twenties. 


Entering a new decade of life in 24’.

Everything in my life is aligning exactly where it needs to be. I’m authentically able to live my truths and my passion. The universe is forcing space in my life for more abundance and love to be brought in. 

I know I’m exactly where I need to be. 


Cherishing where I am in my journey, and making space for all the good things present, past & future.


vivamus, morimur 





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