Just Your Normal Tuesday Morning

Oct 18, 2023

Just your normal Tuesday morning.

Something told me I needed to visit mother nature this morning. Last minute I decided I needed to be somewhere else. I took a little drive to one of my go-to locations. I went to an easy spot and was being indecisive, so I finally just stopped and got out. 

I needed to ground and meditate and my body was taking me there. 

My overthinking brain had already thought that someone could easily come up behind me (because I can’t hear anything with my headphones in) & I wouldn't see anything coming. 

I normally go somewhere more remote, instead I just got comfortable and decided this is literally one of the safest places I could be. My body needed this & I needed to clear my ever-running mind.


Recently I’ve been in some dark places and thinking the worst has been running WILD AF in my brain. Hyperfocus for me isn’t always productive. Sometimes I hyperfocus on all the horrible things happening and it's hard to break the cycle. 

Needless to say after about an hour, I felt incredible leaving and knowing that I am always in control & reminded of how abundant my life is. I headed back to my car, which was parked maybe 20 yards away.

Someone’s grampy drove by as I was getting back in my car. He said he had driven by earlier and came back by to make sure I was okay. 


I laughed and was embarrassed for like 2 seconds, but I thanked him and told him I was just enjoying the moment! Even in the 45 degree sunshine. 


I drove away and thought “wow it was actually nice to see an act of kindness.” a total stranger went out of his way to make sure I was safe. 

I felt so much lighter after coming out of my meditation (aka me enjoying the moment) & to immediately be blessed with such a moment of kindness.

 He could’ve driven on and never looked back, but instead took a simple moment to see if he could be of service to another. 


I was driving home and it hit me. 


I remembered someone sent me a tik-tok or reel recently and it was of someone speaking about “the small stuff is what counts”. They gave an example of someone in a relationship & it made me think a little deeper. 


When relationships struggle, it’s not the once a year weekend trip that makes your relationship thrive. Or when you only have sex once every few months. 


The big moments are pivotal, yes and can have a deep impact.

But is it the true impact we need right now?

How about when the kids are going fucking nuts and you've had a harder day. You're overstimulated and your partner says leave and come back in an hour, they will handle it. 

What about the “how can I support you today” or how you spend your dinners (which is 1.5 hours of every single day). 


The small fraction of a day, the “little moments” are what matter most. 


This was coming hard to me this week.

I instantly went home & wrote this. 

The grampy checking on me, is exactly what I needed this week to restore my faith in humanity and that there is so much good & kindness surrounding us. The few second interaction is all it took.

Maybe this is coming to you for a reason- maybe you’ve just caught this on a scroll. 

Take what’s yours & leave the rest.

REMINDER: We are all here, going through the same shit. 

We want to be understood, appreciated & unimaginably loved. 


It’s never the big stuff that really matters. 


It’s always the small - daily - weekly - things we do more often, that really add up. 

How you partner treats you on a daily basis is what makes the most of our partnership. They take you on a beautiful vacation a few times a year? Cool. How are they showing up for your emotional needs of every day life? 

How are they showing up to appreciate you? 

How are they showing up to care for you? 


Making shift in just a small part of your day =  evolution of relationship

Making a point to ask your partner every day how you can support them = understood

Showing a random act of kindness to a stranger = change the community.

It will always be the tiniest, smallest shifts imagined, that makes the biggest, most tremendous changes in your life & in your relationships.


We don't need the huge vacations to make our relationship thrive. 

We need small acts in our every day life that brings intimacy deeper, help our relationships have more fulfillment & overall bring us QUALITY in our lives.

"You seem to be having a bad day, babe. How can I support you today?"

"I'll make your coffee every morning since I get up first, & I want you to always have a great start to your day". 


Small Shifts. Big Wins.

You are so loved. This world is more beautiful with you in it. 

xxo sierra


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